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Who We Are

Bigg Pocket is an extensive platform where you can get all the solutions to your financial aids with assured quality and reliability. We, at Bigg Pocket, are a cohesive team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who excel at the domain of finance and banking relationships. The main motive of our platform is to help our clients through the process of any finance and banking related process. What makes Bigg Pocket team stand in the crowd is that we provide a solution to the clients based on personal issues encountered while handling the mortgage market personally.

Our Mission

Aiming to provide the best support to all households and small scale business in India, we are offering a cohesive solution for processing all kinds of financial products in the most reliable, quick and easy manner.

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Message From Founder

Our team worked for a total of 6 years as the Direct Selling Agent (DSA) for various banks where we were responsible for selling the mortgage products to the clients or the customers. That was the time where we encountered what it is like to be connected to the financial industry and meeting up to the customer's needs and satisfaction. Even though there was no lack of effort inculcated by us into the service provided to our customers, we still faced an ample amount of problems and challenges in terms of both customer trust as well as bank-related issues. Even after giving our best, we somehow lacked in terms of highlighting active growth and bandwidth.

That is when we realized the moment of truth: how difficult has it become for the DSA agents to build rapport with the customer services in the finance industry. Meanwhile, there is no reliable source on which we agents can rely on sharing the load so that we can invest our valuable time on customer engagement and ownership.

Thus, we decided to take a considerable step towards this issue and voila! Bigg Pocket was born! Through Bigg Pocket, we aimed to share a load of DSA and loan agents so that they could focus more on their customer engagement and relationship.

The main motive of our Bigg Pocket is to instill the KETA through our solution:

  • Knowledge: Transaction structuring and efficient matching of borrower requirement
  • Efficiency: Timely processing of transactions
  • Technology: For tracking and managing transactions
  • Access: One-stop-shop to Multiple Banks and Products

We work on the B2B business model with a promise to help our clients grow their business and gain a favorable outcome with agile growth.

Here by, I look forward to working with you and help you with your business growth.

Siddharth Gupta,
Founder & CEO

Our Team

At BiggPocket, we strive harder to ensure we give you the best service. Our team is experienced and committed to serve you better.

Why Choose Us

We are India’s 1st Integrated B2B Platform for Financial Advisors

Integrated Solutions

We offer an integrated solution for sourcing any kind of loan products, under one roof. No hassle of document processing or chasing different banks

Access to Lenders

We bring you access to the best lending partners for any kind of loans. No hassle dealing with multiple lending partners.

Expert Team

Our Team has over a decade of experience in the banking & mortgage industry and is fully equipped to provide you the best service

Professional Approach

We value your time and business and provide a professional approach with complete transparency and customer service, backed by our technology based processes to provide you peace of mind.

Better Returns

Our approach to business is to offer our clients Better Returns for the services they entrust us with, to ensure that we can win their trust and continued business.

Our Promise

At BiggPocket, we believe in building a trusted partnership with our customers, backed by our commitment to always fulfil your requirements with integrity, professionalism, transparency and value for money in a timely manner.



Trusted by our Clients for our solutions and their success



Committed to provide Quality Services with Integrity, Professionalism, and Transparency



We build lifelong relationship with you, helping you in managing your business growth