Home Purchase Loans

Home Purchase Loans

Buying a home is something that everybody dreams of. We understand your desire of buying a new home and thus, provide you with Home Loans which suit your budget and requirements. You can get the loan for either buying or handling the construction cost of your home. We also understand that a higher EMI can impose weight on your monthly expenditure and thus, provide you with a bank loan with the lowest interest rates and transparent terms and conditions.

Bigg Pocket instills the home loan from some of the best and reputed banks in order to help you get the best deals for your clients’ home loans.

Purpose of the loan

The main purpose of the Home loan is to get a loan for either buying or constructing the house.


One needs to adhere to the following criteria to be eligible for a home loan:

  • The person must be 24 or above years of age to pass the eligibility terms for getting a home loan and must be 65 at the time of the expiration of the loan.
  • The person must possess earnings of more than rs. 30,000 a month (if working), and must also possess a minimum experience of two years.
  • If the person is an entrepreneur, he/she must possess a minimum experience of 3 years in the industry.


One can get the home loans from the bank depending on varied tenure periods along with fixed or floating interest rates..

Typically, the respective bank will provide an offer of 80-85% on the market value for the house property.


Documentation is one of the most important aspects of applying for a home loan. The documents which are must for the home loans are:

  • Form 16
  • Document proof for KYC such as Adhaar, PAN card, identity proof, Passport, etc.
  • Document proof for the running business or self-employment with an experience of minimum of 5 years.
  • 6 months prior bank statement proof