Partner with Us

Partner with Us

We, at Bigg Pocket, follow the B2B business model and aim to enhance the financial advisory community by providing a reliable and custom partnership for our customers. We offer varied partnership opportunities where you can find the solution to your service niche, be it a Loan Agent, DSA Agent, Financial and Wealth Advisor, Chartered Account, or any other. Below is the option for the customs partnership which is offered by us for our customers:

Independent Loan Advisor

We aim to help the issues and challenges faced by independent loan advisors in terms of business management, transaction processing, dealing with banks ...

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Mortgage DSA

Every Direct Selling Agent faces the issue of low success rate while selling the mortgage product due to limited bank accessibility. However, we have ...

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Non-Mortgage DSA

We not only help the DSA for the mortgage but also non-mortgage service issues. Now, with Bigg Pocket, you can freely expand your business and sell the ...

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Independent Financial & Wealth Advisor

Have you ever thought of adding mortgage products to your independent legal advisory services? This might very well help you to manage the clients along ...

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Chartered Accountant

We also help Chartered Accountants in terms of managing their customer’s inquiries for various mortgage products, including overdrafts, LAP, and Business Loans.

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Real Estate Agent

Being a Real Estate Agent is tough, especially when you give your best efforts to help customers in their property loans and still, get low returns ...

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Insurance Agent

The finance and mortgage market is complicated, especially for insurance agents, who need to get extensive knowledge of all the policies, compliances ...

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Stock Broker

With Bigg Pocket, now you can freely expand your stocks for your financial services for your clients, without worrying about any additional investments ...

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Why Choose Us

We are India’s 1st Integrated B2B Platform for Financial Advisors

We offer an integrated solution for sourcing any kind of loan products, under one roof. No hassle of document processing or chasing different banks

We bring you access to the best lending partners for any kind of loans. No hassle dealing with multiple lending partners.

Our Team has over a decade of experience in the banking & mortgage industry and is fully equipped to provide you the best service

We value your time and business and provide a professional approach with complete transparency and customer service, backed by our technology based processes to provide you peace of mind.

Our approach to business is to offer our clients Better Returns for the services they entrust us with, to ensure that we can win their trust and continued business.